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NYDA New York
Summer Intensive  AUGUST 1st-19th  2022
Junior Division
Age 10 - 19

Ballet, Variation, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, Character (JR only) and Stretch Class

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First time in 2 years! New York Summer Intensive, August 2022

★ [2022 New York Summer Intensive]
Lesson starts ・ August 1st
Last day of lesson ・ August 19th


★ [Participation age]
10 years old or older up to 19 years old


★ [Vaccination]
Full Covid-19 Vaccination is required


★ [About this intensive]
We have Ballet, variations, pointe, repertoire, character dance, and also contemporary and jazz
dance that are indispensable in the ballet world in recent years. In addition, body conditioning is
necessary to improve physical ability as a dancer, and tap class that requires a sense of rhythm.


★ [Schedule]
Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 4:30 am.
Small group system. We will strengthen the weak parts of the students and strengthen the strong parts as special skills.


★ [Intensive lesson fee]
1 week   $ 675
2 weeks $ 1275
3 weeks $ 1825


★ [Payment method]
Venmo, Paypal, Check or Cash


★ [Cancelation]
If students canceled by April 30th, 2022, a cancellation fee of $ 500 will be charged and the difference will be refunded. No refunds will be given if canceled after May 1st, 2022 but If students are unable to attend all the dates due to a doctor stop for health reasons, a 50% refund of the tuition fee will be considered after presenting a document from the doctor or expert.
Any refunds will not be given or considered if canceled after July 1st, 2022


Any Question :

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