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Mami Hariyama



Raised and coached dancers that won various international competitions.

Her love is teaching ballet to children and adults of all ages and levels, 

spreading the joy of dance, and sharing the beauty of the Arts.

Mami Hariyama was born in Osaka, Japan and has two main professional careers: ballet and piano. 

She trained and performed ballet in Osaka and was coached by ballet teachers from Vaganova Ballet.

At 15, she traveled to St. Petersburg, Russia to take classes and perform with The Leningrad State Ballet ,

and also to Indianapolis, USA where she took lessons with Irina Kolpakova.

Staring at the age of 17 as a pianist, Mami traveled throughout Japan with Ludmila Kovaleva and

Mariya Grivanova from the Vaganova ballet academy, a relationship that continues during her summer

returns to Japan. She continues traveling back to Moscow, St. Petersburg and Perm, Russia every few years

to keep her ballet method and educate herself. 

Since moving to The US in 2004, Mami's piano has been heard in studios such as Steps on Broadway,

Broadway Dance Center, and American Ballet Theater, working with more than 100 different ballet teachers.

Mami was the pianist for the 2010 and 2014 International Ballet Competition USA which takes place every four years in Jackson Mississippi. Her recording credits include a ballet CD with Master teacher David Howard and three  ballet CDs for Disney, distributed by Avex records. In all  she has total of 7 ballet CDs.

She and her family produced  the successful and media covered “Dream Concert" series in Osaka and Tokyo in the years 2001, 2003, 2006, 2009 and 2017 where they brought world renowned dancers and musicians. The performers included herself, her parents and their musician friends. Dances were performed by her sisters and guests. 

She also produced many performances in NY including “Hope Dream Happiness”. She wants to give a chance for children to see the live arts and also fundraised for them to support their effort to become an artists. 

Presently her efforts are geared to "Hariyama Ballet", her own ballet school. She produce School Performances and Her students are also noticed in the competitions around the world and receiving medals and awards. She also travels the US and Japan to coach, guest teach, and give master classes.

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