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Focused Junioir

Audition for the 2024 -Semester / Scholarships for selected students.


You  would be taking 4 or more classes, Contemporary and other classes every week  from world-renowned teachers. You will also take Master Classes and meet successful dancers who are working around the world. 

Our training program will guide you to a professional career, and help you to be a better dancer.

New York Dance Artistry - Hariyama Ballet will be celebrating its 20th anniversary next year. The School will offer a regular program and a “Junior Focused Program” from September 2024.
The Focused Program is recruiting children over the age of 9 who want to pursue ballet further and study ballet deeply and passionately with the aim of further improving their skills, with an aspiration to becoming a professional.
Depending on the age, Student will take 4 or more Ballet Classes, Contemporary classes and Private lessons. After an evaluation, student may receive scholarship towards tuition. 

 Prepare your dancing video and register.



There are many good benefits learning Ballet such as learning manners, discipline, focus, listening, paying attention to details, musicality, social skills, group work, multi-tasking, overcoming shyness, working towards a goal and more.

These are definitely helpful in life outside dance.

NY DANCE ARTISTRY - HARIYAMA BALLET STUDENTS are doing well in the dance world but also academically and in other environments.

Audition Fee : $40

Registration Fee : $50

Performance Fee : $300 twice a year in the Winter and Spring

* Not including Competition Entree fee, Private rehearsals and Master Classes 


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Mami Hariyama

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