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Support NYDA

Please help to support us!



Please help and support us to survive through this pandemic so that we will have a place to dance and educate children again when everyone can come back safely to the studio.
We lost 2 / 3 of students since March 2020 and we are still struggling with reopening the studio due to the new Covid variant. We are deeply affected by Covid-19,

Our new studio location opened in September, 2019;  Six months later the Covid-19 pandemic hit. We were very happy with our new space but we had to close the studio completely for a half year. We then slowly and carefully reopened, but our students are mostly children and teenagers. Many of them can not yet be vaccinated and it is not as safe for them to return as of now.

For the time being we are paying rent and paying our teachers to keep our studio space viable until we can all come back safely. We are having a hard time surviving.

Our students love dancing and I love teaching them. We do not want to lose our dance home. Please Support us.

Please see these items designed by students. Please watch their video as well. Your purchase or contribution will help. 

Thank you for your support.  


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