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Showcase by professional program students in spring 2022

Final Performance on Friday!! Two more days to complete program! We have a final showing and it will be broadcasted so you can watch. Ask for the link !!

MID二期生の最終日まであと2日! 最終日は成果発表会があります、こちらはリモート配信されますので見たい方、次回参加をお考えの方、配信リンクご希望の方はDMください✨ 6月17日午前10時半🗽 午後11時半日本🇯🇵時間です。



10:30 am NY time / 23:30pm Japan time


/// PROGRAM ///


Story Reading <The Dream of Clara> by Mami Hariyama & Yurika Ohno

Martha Graham Technique by Lloyd Knight

Contemporary <Mediterranean Breakfast> by Eriko Sugimura

Theater Jazz <Chorus Line> by Hitomi Musa

Theater Jazz <Straighten Up and Fly Right> by Kathy Calahan

Theater Jazz <Thoroughly Modern Millie> by Kathy Calahan

Choreography Workshop <Rodeo> by Scott Schlexer

HIP HOP - KPOP by Lynn Wei

<The Power> by Mami Hariyama & Eriko Iisaku

Tap <Take The A Train> by Kathy Calahan

Closing Ceremony



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