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NY Dance Artistry  Open Class Policy, Code of Conduct 


●Pre-Register for All Open Classes

View our online schedule below and pre-register for a class. 

Pre-registration is mandatory and will be available up to 12  hours prior to your selected class.

●For In-Person Class Students​

Arrive at NYDA studio no earlier than 15 minutes prior to the start of your class. 

Hallways and lobbies will not be open as a gathering or warm-up space.

Come dressed and prepared to dance.

All restrooms are limited to one-person at a time, available to all genders.

Dancers must use the restroom on the same floor.


​Generally students will not be admitted into class 25 minutes after the class start time.

This is to ensure proper warm-up, reduce injuries and class etiquette.


●Mask and Vaccination

We also ask you to present Covid-19 Vaccination card. 

All dancers keep masks the entire time in the studio.


● Payments

All payments must be done at the booking and are non-refundable.

Once the payment is confirmed, the booking will be officially completed.


● Cancelation

If the class is unavoidably canceled due to weather (natural disasters such as heavy snow, hail, hurricanes, storms, extreme weather) or emergencies (terrorism, fire, public transportation stopped), there will be no makeup lessons. In addition, refunds are not possible.


Classes will be canceled if public schools in New York City are closed for the reasons mentioned above.

In case of cancellation due to the above reasons, we will contact you by email.


If an emergency is issued in an area other than New York City, students living in that area should be voluntarily absent for safety.

If your class is canceled for any other reason, please follow the school's instructions.


●Covid-19 Measure

Please be sure to read our COVID-19 guidelines. If a corona-positive person is found in the studio, the class with close contact will switch online. 


● Dress Code

Dance attire (leotard, tights, skirt, pants) or a comfortable t-shirt and leggings.

Proper dance shoes. 

All dancers wear ballet shoes or socks. No outside shoes anywhere inside the studio.

Keep your hair out of your face. Put your hair up in a proper bun.


The risk of injury exists in any physical activity. NYDA - Hariyama Ballet cannot be held responsible for personal injury or loss of property. Personal possessions should not be left in dressing rooms or restrooms under any circumstances. 


● Photos and/or Videos

We have your permission to use class or performance photos for the marketing of NYDA - Hariyama Ballet. If you object, please submit your objection at the time of registration. Parents may only take photos or videos on observation days with the approval of each individual instructor.


 ● Responsibilities of Parents & Guardians

Children should never be left unattended in the hallway, dressing room or bathroom under any circumstances. If you will be leaving the building, please notify the teacher.


No children are allowed in the studios without a teacher present at any time.


Please fold ALL strollers and leave them at the stroller parking area. DO NOT block the elevator, stairwell or hallway and help us to keep our building safe and clear!


Parents or guardians are not permitted to observe class, take a photo or film unless the teacher gives permission.


Please tag us when posting on social media. 

Instagram -  @nydanceart  

Facebook -


●Change or Code or Conduct

The contents of the Code of Conduct are subject to change, addition or update. Changes, additions and updates will take effect from the time they are notified by email or posted on our school website.

Download NYDA Covid-19 Waiver

Go to NYDA Covid-19 Health Screening Form

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