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New York City Major Eric Adams announced that the "KEY to NYC" will be lifted,

effective March 7, 2022. 

It means NYC establishments are no longer required to check proof of Vaccine and the wearing of Masks. 

Starting Monday, March 7th:

  • For Vaccinated students and teachers, Mask wearing in a studio during class time will be optional. Students and teachers can continue to wear masks. Please know that we completely respect and support everyone's choice. 

  • We still want to be careful and be safe, Everyone at the waiting area and dressing area please still wear a mask. 


  • Non vaccinated students or any guests please keep masks on the entire time in the studio. 

The following safety measures will remain in place: 

  • Monitor your health and symptoms. 

  • Please stay home if you feel sick. 

  • Please stay home if you have a fever or excessive cough. 

  • Please take a Covid test if you become a close contact. 

We will be taking every measure possible for the health and safety of our teachers, students, and their families.   

Studio Protocol

1. Limited number of people entering the studio

2. Cleaning, Disinfecting, Sanitizing

We will disinfect the bars touched by students, clean the changing room, and sanitize.

3. Masks for teachers, students, and accompanying persons

Please have a mask on when entering the building.

4. Ventilation

We will keep the windows open and run the air conditioner during lessons. We are also running a HEPA filtration system in the studio.

Student and Parent/Guardian Protocol

1 Daily health management and temperature check. 

Be aware that automated temperature checks will be taken upon entering the building at the security desk. Also, everyone must answer short COVID-related questions at that time. NY Dance Artistry Passes must be shown to the security guard.

2 Refrain from coming to the school when students or accompanying persons are feeling unwell, Please do not come to the school if you are experiencing any of the following:

(Please contact us if you would like the studio to determine whether you should come)

● Cold symptoms (sneezing, coughing, etc.)

● Fever

● Tiredness or stuffiness

● Cough, phlegm, or chest discomfort

● Abnormal sense of taste or smell

● Family members or close friends who are suspected of being sick

● Going in and out of high risk areas

● Otherwise feeling unwell

※You may participate in online classes if you decide not to come to the studio

● If the student or their family or people who live with student have Covid Symptoms, please take a PCR test and present a result to the studio then if the student is negative, they may come back to the studio.

3. Items to bring to the studio

・Personal towel for hand washing


・Drinking water

・Disinfectant, sanitizer gel/wipes, tissues, etc.


Building Arrival Procedure

1 As stated above, you must put on your mask before entering the building.

Please show your NY Dance Artistry Pass at the security desk. You will not be able to enter

without a pass.

2 Sanitize your hands when you arrive

Remove your shoes at the entrance mat outside of the studio and put them into the shoe rack in the waiting area. (do not put your shoes inside the studio)


3 Studio entry time

You may enter the studio 15 minutes before the lesson starts.

There may be situations when the entry time will differ depending on how the groups are divided


4 Using the changing room

To avoid overcrowding in the studio, please do your best to be dressed and have your hair done at home before you come.


Promptly place bags in the cubbies. Leaving bags on the floor is not permitted.

Change clothes where tape is marked on the floor. Those who have finished changing should wait at their tape mark, or enter the studio from the back door and wait for instructions from the teacher.

limit talking in the changing / waiting room to limit droplet exposure.

5 Using the toilet

※According to building regulations, the toilet can only be occupied by one person at a time (except when accompanied by a parent/guardian.)

When using the toilet, please wear restroom slippers or street shoes.

As in the past, wearing ballet or dance shoes in the restroom is prohibited. If you wear dance shoes in the restroom, you will not be able to use them on the dance floor.(You will need to take them home to clean and disinfect.)

6 Eating, drinking; beautification, cleaning, disinfecting

Food is prohibited in the studio. Only drinks are allowed. Please do not throw trash away in the studio. Please take everything you brought with you (including trash).

We ask for your cooperation to keep the studio beautiful, clean and sanitary.

※According to building regulations, parents and students that they can not congregate in the hallways or near the restrooms before, during or after classes in order to respect the people coming to see the Doctor in 310.

※For the kids’ classes, we may ask that a parent/representative stay just in case, or if the student might need accompaniment to the restroom during class. We will discuss who will be responsible.


If a student or a member of their household was diagnosed with COVID-19,

Please let us know immediately. We must prevent spread and may close the studio temporarily for safety.

In order to continue lessons with peace of mind, we ask for the cooperation of all students and parents. Please take the above measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. We will do our best to resume reopening as outlined above. We can not take any responsibility for illness.

In the unlikely event that someone contracts COVID, and depending on government mandates, it is possible that we would have to return to online classes only. We kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation.

If you need clarification or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. NY Dance Artistry

New York Forward Regulations

NY Dance Artistry is reopening under the authority of New York as outlined on the State's official website: NY Forward Regulations for Reopening (

NY Dance Artistry falls under NAICS, code 611610: Fine Arts Schools.

Fine Arts Schools may reopen and are classified as "permitted to operate with restrictions."

Among the restrictions NY Dance Artistry must adhere to includes complying with all of the health and safety guidelines issued by the state and city.









































































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